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  • Alzheimer’s disease treatment service now at Bhaktapur Hospital

    Bhaktapur post17 july 2021
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    Alzheimer's disease treatment service started at Bhaktapur Hospital17 july 2021

    There is good news for Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer’s disease treatment service has now started at Bhaktapur Hospital.

    The OPD service has been started at Bhaktapur Hospital targeting Alzheimer’s patients from Thursday. The service was inaugurated by Milan Suwal, chairman of the hospital management and development committee.

    Chairman Suwal said that the service will be provided free of cost at the hospital. He hopes that those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease will benefit from it. He said that Alzheimer’s OPD was started during his tenure as part of the campaign to make Bhaktapur Hospital service-friendly. It is said that the Bagmati state government and Shailaja Acharya Adarsh ​​Samaj are cooperating to run the service. Chairman Suwal informed that nose, ear, throat and orthodentistry services have also been started in the hospital this year.

    According to Dr. Sumitra Gautam, Medical Superintendent of Bhaktapur hospital, the OPD service for Alzheimer’s disease has been started with special importance. “It’s a kind of chronic disease,” she said. It causes the patient to lose memory and forget even small things. She said that there may be problems such as restlessness and even unusual changes in the patient’s behavior. According to Dr. Gautam, Alzheimer’s is more common in people over 65 years of age.

    Dr. Gautam has even requested to come to the hospital immediately and seek treatment if there are any different signs in the mood and behavior than before.

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