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  • Municipal Council demands abolition of the MCC

    Bhaktapur postFebruary 10, 2022
    ९३८ पटक
    February 10, 2022

    The 11th Municipal Council of Bhaktapur Municipality has demanded the abolition of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact between Nepal and the United States. At a meeting of the Municipal Council chaired by Municipal Chairman and Mayor Sunil Prajapati on Thursday, all the members of the Municipal Council demanded the abolition of MCC.

    Speaking at a special session member Rajendra Maka clarified the reasons for opposing the treacherous MCC and pointed out the danger of US having sole monopoly on Nepal’s intellectual property if the MCC is passed.

    Chhori Mainya Sujkhu said that in order to protect Nepal’s sovereignty, the MCC should be stopped by making the people aware and organized against the oppression of Indian monopoly capital and American imperialism.

    Similarly, Tulsilakshmi Dumaru said that the tendency of the ruling party and its leaders to bow down to foreign powers for the sake of power was a threat to the country’s sovereignty and independence and stressed on the need to take action against it.

    Member Purnagopal Rajchal pointed out the fact that the US grant has not improved the economic condition of any country.

    Similarly, Shiva Prasad Bala, Jitendra Munankarmi, Surya Prasad Shrestha, Balram Nhisutu and Govind Duwal said that the MCC should be scrapped immediately as it was part of the Indo-Pacific military strategy of US imperialism. He said that the Nepali government should take education from Sri Lanka and repeal the MCC agreement as soon as possible.

    Mayor Prajapati, who presided over the meeting, said that the Municipal Council is a place for ideological discussion and struggle.He urged the members to express their views against the traitorous MCC in the meeting and do more research for their cultural and intellectual development. Stating that Nepal is under undue pressure due to the brokerage attitude of the leaders of the ruling party, he said that there is no alternative to unite all the people and warn the government.

    All the people’s representatives of Bhaktapur Municipality are elected leaders from the Nepal workers’ and peasants’ Party. Even though its a small party in Nepal, they are confident about their victory against MCC. Stating that all the members of the Municipal Council has demanded the abolition of the MCC as it was treasonous, Mayor Prajapati said that the entire Municipal Council is against the MCC.


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