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  • Municipality leads the Cancer Hospital in Bhaktapur

    Bhaktapurpost17august 2019
    ४०८४ पटक
    bhaktapur municipality17august 2019

    The management committee of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital in Dudhpati has been dissolved. Bhaktapur Municipality has formed a new management committee at the hospital.

    Municipal sources said that the new management committee had to be formed after the officials refused to come in contact with the municipality while trying to get information on the complaint from the responsible officials of the hospital management committee. A new management committee was formed on Thursday.

    Bhaktapur Post has received information that the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Management Committee has been made under the chairmanship of Sunil Prajapati, chief of the municipality.

    Bhaktapur’s member in parliament Prem Suwal, who was elected from 1 constituency, and Surendra Raj Gosai, elected to the Pradesh Sabha from the same constituency, have been named as advisers.

    The committee is comprised of Chief District Officer of Bhaktapur  Narayan Prasad Bhatta, Chairmen of the wards Ravindra Jykhwa, Ukesh Kawan and Shyam Krishna Khatri similarly, Representatives of same Welfare Committee are also members. The police chief of the district is appointed as an invited member.

    the medical director of the hospital, has been appointed as a member secretary.

    For the construction of Cancer Hospital, 11 ropani land was provided by the municipality. The news came in the media saying there was financial irregularities in the hospital that made the municipality lead the management committee itself.

    Sunil Prajapati, head of the municipality, confirmed that a new committee has been constituted to operate the hospital in a systematic manner and provide quality treatment services to the patients. He claims that Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital will now be made a real model hospital.

    Some people have said that the Nepal Workers peasant Party is about to occupy the hospital by making it a matter of corruption. They have alleged that they were abusing the power and shifting their hands to the hospital through municipality because the party has a monopoly in the municipality executive committee.

    Prajapati, the chairperson of the municipality, said that he is ready even if he has to work hard to do good work. Saying that he is the common mayor of Bhaktapur, despite being the leader of the NWPP. he said that the municipality handled to remove the disorder and corruption of the hospital without any political interest.

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