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  • Bhaktapur received aid from sister city Shannan of China

    Bhaktapur postbhaktapur, 14 june 2021
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    bhaktapur, 14 june 2021

    The Municipal Hospital, run by Bhaktapur Municipality, has received more than Rs 10 million worth of medical equipment from China. The assistance was received from Shannan city in Tibet, China, which has sister relationship with Bhaktapur municipality.

    Mayor Sunil Prajapati said that one set of ventilator, 32 sets of oxygen concentrator, 100 sets of oxygen cylinder (40 liters) and 50 sets of ICU beds were received. According to Prajapati, the assistance is worth 599,400 Chinese yuan (Rs. 1,0921,068). The materials sent through Tatopani transit are currently kept at the Public Health Center at Chyamhasingh in Bhaktapur on sunday.

    China Aid to Bhaktapur Municipality From Shannan City

    Mayor prajapati also expressed gratitude to the government and people of Shannan, a sister city of Bhaktapur in Tibet, an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, for helping them in the event of an epidemic.

    Sisterhood was established between Bhaktapur Municipality and Shannan City of Tibet, in 2073 B.S. During these six years, experience and cooperation have been exchanged between the two cities time and again. Representatives of Bhaktapur Municipality have visited Shannan city once and Bhaktapur city has also been visited from Shannan.

    Recently, A letter was sent from Shannan Municipality to Bhaktapur expressing concern over the rapid spread of the second wave of covid-19 disease in Nepal. Similarly, Bhaktapur informed that the infection rate in Bhaktapur is also increasing rapidly and here is lack of oxygen in the treatment of the infected.

    Citing the example of a good friend, the sister city Shannan sent support to Bhaktapur. Now, mutual friendship and relations are connected at the grassroots level, said mayor Prajapati. He said that health services will be provided to the maximum number of people from the municipal hospital by making proper use of the assistance received.

    Mayor Sunil Prajapati had appealed to the locals for help in running the hospital after the federal government did not support Bhaktapur Municipality, the only municipality elected on behalf of the Nepal workers and peasants Party. Although the federal government has provided budget to the other three municipality hospitals in the district for the oxygen plant. Municipality requested locals for help. local people have already provided more than 50 millions rupees as no budget has been provided to Bhaktapur Municipality hospital by the Nepal government.

    Bhaktapur Municipality is currently operating a 75-bed covid unit with 25-bed HDU under the municipality Hospital for the patients of Covid-19 in a multi-purpose building at Bramhayani. mayor sunil prajapati informed that from the grant of local people an oxygen plant has just bought directly from China in low prince. It is installed in the hospital and the trial production of the plant has also started. According to the information given to Bhaktapur Post by Prajapati, the oxygen production capacity of the plant is 120 cylinders daily. He has shown his belief that there will be no problem of oxygen in the hospital after this.                                                                                                                            Health items provided to Bhaktapur municipal hospital by the Communist Party of China through Nepal workers and peasants Party, 15,000 units of N95 medical masks and 5 units of hydrogen oxygen generator machines have also been handed a week ago. According to the municipality, Hydrogen Oxygen Generator Machine granted by China is more reliable, sophisticated and versatile than Oxygen Concentrator and has a market value of over Rs 10 million.

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